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Every Man His Own Doctor or the Poor Planter’s Physician – This is a facsimile edition printed and sold by Wil. Parks, at his printing offices in Williamsburg and Annapolis, 1736. Written by the Virginia doctor John Tennent with household advice designed “for persons to cure themselves..with little cost” – 72 pages. #3000 $8.95 paperback

God Bless This House, the printed House Blessings of the Pennsylvania Germans 1780-1921 by Russell D., Corinne P. Earnest, and Patricia Sutler. 128 full color pages a treasure trove of house blessings designed for the protection of structures and inhabitants. Includes many examples from Ephrata Cloister. #2377 $39.95 paperback

Drawn with Spirit, Pennsylvania German Fraktur from the Joan and Victor Johnson Collection on exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Beautiful, 362 pages in full color – a landmark contribution to the study of Pennsylvania German fraktur. Many objects never before published accompany significant new information about the artists and the people who enjoyed them. #2174 $65.00 hardcover

Dangerous Guests, Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities During the War for Independence by Ken Miller is a highly interesting book that adds considerably to our understanding of the role that Hessian and other military prisoners played in the British and American conduct of the war. 247 pages #2180 $35.00 hardcover

Voices of the Turtledoves by Jeff Bach, 282 page comprehensive look at the Ephrata Cloister community, uncovering the basic ideology and motivation of its founder, Conrad Beissel, and its several hundred members. “The great contribution of Voices of the Turtledoves is that the jargon is deciphered, the esoteric subjects explained, and the arcane imagery described for modern readers.”, Donald F. Durnbaugh.
#350 $34.95 paperback
Ephrata Cloister, Pennsylvania trail of history guidebook – provides a good general over view of the Ephrata Community. The text by John Bradley is wonderfully complimented by 52 full color photographs by Craig A. Benner.
#57 $10.00 paperback

Chronicon Ephratense was started by Brother Lamech (Jacob Gass, Sr.) as a biography of Conrad Beissel, the work was later finished and edited by Agrippa (Peter Miller). The book, first published by the Brotherhood in 1786, is considered the “official” history of Ephrata. Its pro-Beissel view attempts to justify the founder’s efforts. The book provides some of the only details on Beissel’s early life, most likely on his own retelling of events to the authors. The list of members in 1740 provides the only source for names of some community members. The details of the Chronicon are challenged by Ezekiel Sangmeister who offers a strong criticism on the community and Beissel. It is impossible to avoid the Chronicon in the study of Ephrata.
$20.95 paperback
Rules of the Solitary Life – published by the Ephrata Community in 1752 as a compilation of 244 theosophical maxims. First translated into English in 1991 by Michele S. Long, this 2001 reprint includes 20 illustrations by Nancy L. Coleman.
#500 $7.50 paperback
Ephrata Cloister School Booklet – an eighteenth century textbook for children by Ludwig Hocker, schoolmaster at the Ephrata Cloister. 1988 English translation by Tamara S. Groff from the original published at Ephrata in 1786. 50 pages of useful information in the education of children from religious study to math, and even includes recipes for both black and red ink.
#300 $3.95 paperback


Works of Patience being a description of the texts found on the Wall Charts of the Ephrata Cloister. The German text and English translation of the thirteen known surviving wall charts from the Ephrata Community. 30 pages produced as a fund raiser by the Ephrata Cloister Student Historians.
#8WC $5.00

Medical Booklet for People and Animals - 134 remedies and folklore practices to cure particular ailments for cattle, horses and people. First printed in Vienna, it was reprinted in Ephrata in 1791.
$5.00 soft cover

A Short Account of that part of Africa, Inhabited by the Negroes by Anthony Benezet. Originally published in 1762, it was also printed on the Ephrata Brotherhood press.
$9.95 soft cover

Ephrata Cloister Chorales, a collection of 10 hymns composed by Conrad Beissel, edited with German and English translation by Russell P. Getz.
#133 $4.95

The Music of the Ephrata Cloister by Lucy Carroll, D.M.A. A 28 page booklet describing some unique qualities of the Ephrata music. Includes a brief history, musical notation, voice parts, performance and references for additional reading. Donated by Dr. Carroll as a fund raiser for The Ephrata Cloister Chorus.
#70 $5.00

Music of the Ephrata Cloister, Cloister Song in Modern Transcription by Lucy E. Carroll, DMA. Text translations by Jeffrey A. Bach, PhD with 54 pages including 7 different Cloister chorales in many settings.
$9.95 spiral bound

Count Well the Cost - This arrangement of Alexander Mack Sr.’s song by J. Daryl Hollinger, Ephrata Cloister Chorus Director is in a baroque style and set in 4 parts for choral performance with accompaniment. A beautiful rendition of this classic.
$2.00 soft cover

The Story of Linen – The Story of Linen describes and illustrates the processing of linen, and  includes actual examples of flax seed, flax stalk, flax fibers, linen thread, and linen fabric, along with 12 illustrations.  These books are produced as a fund raiser by the Ephrata Cloister Student Historians and are $5.00 each.
#8L $5.00

Snow Hill, in the Shadows of the Ephrata Cloister by Denise A. Seachrist. This hard cover, 167 page book, is an engaging and enjoyable read of the Snow Hill Cloister.
$45.00 hard cover

The Martyr’s Mirror – The largest book printed in Colonial America was translated from Holland Dutch into German, printed and bound by the Brothers of the Ephrata Community in 1748. The story of sixteen centuries of Christian Martyrdom from the time of Christ to 1660 compiled by Thieleman J. van Braght. This edition with 1158 pages was printed in 2002.
#139 $45.00 hard cover

Christian Mystics, their lives and legacies throughout the ages by Ursula King. A clear and comprehensive introduction to Christian mystical tradition through the biographies of sixty men and women. Highly readable, beginning with early Christians and progressing to the Middle Ages and early modern period. 268 pages
#73 $20.00 paperback

Powwowing Among the Pennsylvania Dutch by David W. Kreibel. Hard cover with 205 pages, examining the folk-healing practice of powwowing in a scholarly light. Includes interviews with living powwowers today.
$30.00 hard cover

Architecture and Landscape of the Pennsylvania German, 1720-1920 edited by Sally McMurry and Nancy Van Dolsen. Hard cover with 250 pages, including eight essays by leading scholars and preservation professionals offering original interpretive insights helping advance understanding of Pennsylvania German culture and history.
$49.95 hard cover

Flying Leaves and One Sheets, Pennsylvania German Broadsides, Fraktur, and their Printers by Russell and Corinne Earnest. Covering a wide range of subjects including mystical texts, home remedies, the supernatural, poetry, social issues, certificates and more, these broadsides provide insight into the minds of Pennsylvania Germans in the New World. 337 pages illustrated in full color.
#470 $55.00 hard cover
Fraktur: Folk Art & Family by Corinne and Russell Earnest. More than 200 photographs, present examples of three centuries of American fraktur and includes detailed historical information, methods and techniques. 192 pages illustrated in full color.
$49.95 hard cover

This Teaching I Present, fraktur from the Skippach and Salford Mennonite Meetinghouse Schools, 1747-1836 by Mary Jane Lederach Hershey. More than 100 examples in full color complete with the English translation of the German text. Hershey explores what shaped this approach to education, the techniques, style and what influenced the colors and design motifs. 243 pages $29.95 hard cover
A Hundred Necessary Rules of Conduct for Children by Christopher Dock, Mennonite Schoolmaster, Salford and Skippack, Pennsylvania. Originally published in 1764, this 16 page booklet contains all one hundred rules translated from the German to English by the Honorable Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker, historian and one time Governor of Pennsylvania. $9.50 paperback

Mennonite Arts by Clarke Hess, a pioneer work presenting the rich and diverse decorative arts produced by the Mennonite communities in Europe, Pennsylvania and Canada over a 300 year period. Derived from private collections these traditional textiles, furniture, clocks, wooden boxes, carvings, metals, pottery, and fraktur from Mennonite families are carefully identified and displayed in hundreds of color images on 190 pages
$49.95 hard cover

Coverlets and the Spirit of America by Joseph D. Shein and Melinda Zongor. Over 100 coverlets from the Joseph and Janet Shein collection, including many early and rare pieces, are shown in full, in color and on both sides – unprecedented in other references on the subject. 221 pages
$69.95 hard cover

Spinning Wheels and Accessories by David A. Pennington & Michael B. Taylor. Over 350 color photos go with painstaking research where the emphasis remains the American spinning wheel from 1775 to 1900. They do have substantial sections on European wheels and textile tools and accessories, Shaker wheels, patent wheels, famous makers, chair wheels, and more. 224 pages with appendix with over 1000 makers and their marks.
$59.95 hard cover


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