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  • Ephrata Cloister


  • Track 1

    Ich bin ein’ Blum’ im Rosenthal
    Text by Father Friedsam (Conrad Beissel, 1691-1768)

    Ich bin ein‟ Blum‟ im Rosenthal,
    die unter Dornen sich ausbreitet,
    gezählt zur keuschen Jungfrauen Zahl,
    die sich im Lieb‟ dem reinen Lamm beeidet.
    Wir gehen einher, und tragen unser Kreuz auf Erden,
    bis wir dort mit dem ganzen Heer
    Jungfrauen verherrlichten werden.

    I am a flower in the rose valley,
    scattered among thorns,
    numbered among the number of chaste virgins,
    who have pledged themselves in love to the pure Lamb.
    We enter in, and carry our cross on earth,
    until there [in Paradise] we shall be glorified
    with the entire host of virgins.

  • Track 2

    Mein Herz Weiss
    Text by Father Friedsam (Conrad Beissel, 1691-1768)

    Mein Herz weiss keine bess‟re Tracht
    zu nehmen an allhier auf Erden
    als nur allein sein d‟rauf bedacht
    was mir in jener Welt wird werden.

    My heart knows no other garment to put on here on earth
    than to be mindful only about that alone
    which will come to pass for me in that world [beyond].

  • Track 3

    Nun Walle Ich im Frieden Fort
    Text by Father Friedsam (Conrad Beissel, 1691-1768)

    Nun walle ich im Frieden fort
    bis ich geh‟ ein zur Himmels-pfort;
    ich lauf‟, ich renn; und stehe still,
    erwarte nur, was Gottes Will.

    Now I journey forth in peace
    until I enter the gate of heaven;
    I run, I race, and stand silently,
    awaiting only what [is] God‟s will.

Ephrata Cloister

Administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission:
Josh Shapiro, Governor – Hayley Haldeman, Chair – Andrea Lowery, Executive Director

Ephrata Cloister is one of 26 historic sites and museums on the Pennsylvania Trail of History. For more information or to request a free 24-page visitor guide, visit or phone toll free 1-866-PATRAIL.

The Ephrata Cloister Associates is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, supporting the mission of preservation and education at this National Historic Landmark.

Anne Brossman Sweigart Charitable Foundation
Irene Weidman Charitable Foundation
Ephrata National Bank
Black Forest Brewery/Americana 1777 Inn
A Woman’s Club of Ephrata
The Historic Ephrata Cloister Summer Hours of Operation: OPEN 9am - 4pm Wed. through Sat. & OPEN 12pm - 4pm Sun. OPEN 9am-8pm Thurs. July 25th for Twilight Hours. CLOSED Monday and Tuesday.